Erica Shatz Brown Writing Coach

Erica Shatz Brown – Writing Coach

We created this logo to a very specific set of requirements. It is a play on the traditional olive-branch bearing dove of peace. In this case the two…

Donna Crain Bridal Accessories

Donna Crain

Here is an elegant logo we have created for Bridal Accessories company, Donna Crain. A graphic artist herself, Donna had begun work on her own logo. We have…


Alban Arts Center Cosplay Fundraiser

Here is a fun, comic-book style logo we have just completed for a regular American client. If you spotted the similarity of style with the Cherie’s Sew Nerdy…


Red Pepper

Here is another recent double-sided leaflet design with different uses of photos as thumbnails and background images.


Dorset Bump To Baby Show

We created this information-packed double-sided leaflet for a local event.



This is a complex logo we have just completed for a client based on their rough layout. The client provide some great reference material and detailed information for…


Toodle & Pip

This is another complex logo we completed this week, based off a client’s sketch. They wanted to retain the feel of the sketch and the hand-drawn quality. We…


Yummy Cow

This is a complex logo we created for a new ice cream company that makes ice cream using milk from Jersey Cows. Yummy!

Floral Monogram Mugs

Here is a selection of our floral monogram mugs, which come in two different styles. You can choose the letter, and also have a message added on one,…


Mollydolly’s Leaflet

We created a logo for Mollydolly’s a while ago. The owner of the company has come back to us for a leaflet design.¬†We took a simple Word document…